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Meet Lyndsay Dowd, the accomplished and recognized business coach renowned for her impressive background in sales and leadership. With over 23 years of experience managing large organizations for IBM, she has honed her skills in leading diverse, high-performing sales teams. Lyndsay's passion lies in transforming leadership and fostering positive culture, earning her accolades such as the Top 10 Coach from Apple News and the prestigious 2023 Award for Innovation and Excellence, also named Business Coach of the Year.

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she departed IBM, breaking her family's longstanding tradition of service, only to face an unforeseen termination after six months in her new role. This setback led her to reevaluate her career and discover her true calling, culminating in the creation of her company, Heartbeat for Hire. Now, she excels as a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with her enthusiasm, inspiring stories, humor, and valuable lessons from her leadership experiences—both triumphs and challenges.

Lyndsay's educational background boasts reputable institutions like CU Boulder, Harvard and Duke, solidifying her status as a driving force in sales, leadership, and culture transformation. As the host of the globally ranked Heartbeat for Hire podcast, she shares her expertise and collaborates with various organizations, contributing to their initiatives.

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Lyndsay Dowd

Leadership and Culture Disruptor
Author of Top Down Culture

I SHARE EVERYTHING I’VE LEARNED you don’t have to make the same mistakes

Leaders, it's time for a transformation! Let's break away from the old school practices like intimidation, aggression, and embarrassment to harness our POWER SKILLS that truly shape exceptional workplaces.

Discover the game-changing tools that fuel collaboration, innovation, and psychological safety—the driving force behind a thriving workplace. Empower your teams, forge meaningful connections, and create a nurturing environment where they flourish and feel valued. These skills are the keys to unlocking your team's true potential and revolutionizing your leadership approach.

Introducing "Top Down Culture," a journey into the heart of building an exceptional workplace. Discover actionable tools and techniques to create a nurturing company culture. Foster innovation, collaboration, and customer delight. This practical guide will empower your leadership for lasting success.

Change the Face of Leadership-Create a Company You and Your Team Can Stand Behind!

Why is this crucial? Let me share with you a principle I believe in—a principle that shapes the very core of successful businesses. When you prioritize your employees, magic happens! A happy, fulfilled team creates a ripple effect that reaches your customers, leaving them satisfied and coming back for more.

Think about it; it's a natural chain reaction. When your employees feel valued and supported, they go the extra mile, providing top-notch service to your customers. Their enthusiasm and dedication are contagious, creating an environment where everyone thrives. It's not just about following a quote; it's about embracing a philosophy that fosters genuine care and appreciation for your team.

In "Top-Down Culture," you'll discover the secrets to cultivating this positive cycle and creating an environment where everyone feels valued, empowered, and driven to excel. So, let's embark on this journey together and witness the transformational power of putting your employees first. Get ready for a workplace revolution that will leave a lasting impact on your team and your customers alike!

A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book (FREE)

  • ​Gain insight into how to assess the true health of your organization’s culture.
  • ​Learn how to ask the uncomfortable yet key question: “How can I be the best leader for you?” (pg 21.)
  • ​How to utilize your DEI strategies in meaningful ways throughout the year.
  • ​Understanding how radical candor is NOT the same as brutal honesty (pg 64).
  • ​The key benefits of building a foundation of trust within your team.
  • ​Uncover the importance of empowering employees to “sell their story”.
  • ​The importance of authentic leadership within an organization (pg 85)
  • ​Why it is imperative to foster an environment of psychological safety.
  • ​The advantages of keeping talent in-house (pg 57).
  • ​Why the culture of an organization begins at the top but inspires a trickle-down effect reaching all members of the team.
  • ​The benefits of leveraging recognition (pg 90).

Remember, the heart of your company lies in your leadership—let's make it beat stronger than ever!

Empower, engage, and excel!

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Top Down Culture TODAY!

Your copy of Top Down Culture will be delivered to your doorstep, PLUS you'll receive immediate access to the digital eBook, all for a one-time charge of USD $24.97.

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Sherry Lautenbach

SVP Global Sales

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Lyndsay and witness first hand how she instantaneously can meet with sellers exactly where they are on their journey to becoming seasoned sales professionals. From there she has an amazing ability to connect, motivate and inspire sellers to become their very best. Lyndsay is direct, open and honest to the people she coaches and mentors. Her input and insight have transformed sales organizations!

Kioko Mwosa

Principal Technical Sales Manager

In my early days as a new manager, my own heart rate was constantly in the red zone, trying to figure things out. Lyndsay had the calm heartbeat, talking me off the proverbial imposter syndrome ledge and building the confidence in me that I had truly earned a seat at the table and could do the role. She showed me through her actions how to celebrate and reward my employee's successes and how to go to bat for them. She helped me build the mental fortitude it takes to be a first-line manager by coaching me to phrase difficult discussions that voiced what needed to be improved while not coming across as patronizing. Through her radical candor, she instilled in me the importance of being an authentic leader to get the best performance out of my team.

Joanna Raitano

Head of Americas Partner Ecosystem

In previous labor markets, you could get by with a great product and strong sales rigor. In these evolving times, company culture, positive leadership and strong feedback loops are driving employee retention and sales success. I have had the pleasure of working with Lyndsay and her innate ability to identify the superpowers of people, draw them out and amplify them for team success is unmatched in the industry.

"Lyndsay is hands down one of the best leaders out there! I worked closely with Lyndsay at IBM and saw first-hand the impact she had on her large team and the business. Her energy is contagious and her ability to motivate and inspire is impeccable. She has made a big impact on many people's careers and lives by helping them grow and achieve success. Lyndsay is very engaging, she is a fantastic coach, she truly cares for the people she works with, and is an amazing executive leader! Lyndsay should be your go-to for insights, coaching, mentoring, culture, and leadership that you can count on."

Michelle Campbell

VP of Sales

"Lyndsay is one of the most engaging and personable executives I’ve worked with in my career. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be coached by her and it was truly life-changing. I left every session feeling reinvigorated by what I learned and the way I wanted to tackle my career. I took so much away from our time together that I was able to apply to my daily business processes, interactions, and sales acumen. It was an incredible growth experience and developed me in ways I could not have done on my own. Lyndsay's ability to connect with others is a gift. She understands how to compassionately and effectively communicate in a way that helps others perform at their best and reach their goals. I feel lucky to have worked with her and look forward to watching all the great things she's going to do."

Cammie Hebert

Senior VP of Sales

"Lyndsay Dowd is an incredibly bright light! She has been one of the more influential and responsive Partners we've had since we started the Nonprofit. She's always networking and making introductions, giving sage advice, and making me laugh (sometimes at myself). Her ability to teach leadership skills while showing the #ROI of putting people first is incredible. I'm extremely fortunate to know and learn from her."

Chason Forehand

Founder of hr-4u inc.

When you can pinpoint the hallmarks of someone's leadership coaching in the sea of $3,790K leadership coaches on LinkedIn -- you know you've found a pretty remarkable coach. And when that coaching has notes of heart, wit, and intention -- you know it's Lyndsay Dowd.

An absolute force for good in a sea of sameness, this Lyndsay has been through nearly every leadership and executive rough spot you can imagine and emerged to help others navigate them with grace.

Lyndsay and I met on LinkedIn in 2022 and I've watched her coaching business catch fire with executives obsessed with her no-BS, been-there, thoughtful executive leadership coaching -- and her addictive energy that makes it all feel fun and manageable.

And as a true connector, I've met more must-know-executives and professionals through Lyndsay's personal network -- she's a walking rolodex of genuine, wise, shockingly nice people ready to jump in and help.

I consider her a dear friend and mentor. If you're on the fence about bringing on an executive coach who'll take you seriously and bring some levity and credible advice to the tough situations you're facing, get off that fence and call Lyndsay.

Claire Davis

Founder of Traction Resume


Top Down Culture TODAY!

Your copy of Top Down Culture will be delivered to your doorstep, PLUS you'll receive immediate access to the digital eBook, all for a one-time charge of USD $24.97.

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